I finally did a completely painless LFR yesterday !!!!!

Pleasant surprise!

I scored a chest tier token and then discovered that I had enough vp with that and my heroic runs to get another upgrade so I grabbed the ring. I will have to wait until next Tuesday now to run it all again but I am happy it has boosted my ilevel to 382 now I think.

So a couple more weeks in heroics and LFR and I should be good.

I am tempted to start running my pally through LFR but in all honesty I am just too chicken.

We are on guild break until the 9th so that is why I have been playing SWTOR and just vegging out.

I also got my archy maxed today finally!!!!!! So I am going to do my best to discover the damn raptor mount and pet and the vial of sands!!! One day 🙂

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