More swtor and NYE

Spent a other day playing SWTOR and found some more cool things in the game that are enjoyable 🙂

One being the great big fucking ship that I get – and by ship I mean SHIP!!!! You get to fly to wherever you want and you just pay for fuel!

We ran another flashpoint with the hubby and our best mate, we actually ran it twice and the flashpoint changed the second time because different options won! the first time we killed people; the second time they lived and the outcome and events were still exactly the same however the path to get there was different!

That is a very cool concept; I would have hated to be the flashpoint designer though 🙂

So it is new years eve and so tonight we go round to our friends place, have drinkers and play wow to welcome in the new year 🙂 sounds dull and nerdy but there is much less playing and far more drinking that occurs 🙂 we have fun and that’s what is important !!!

I am looking forward to getting into wow, I have missed my Mage and Azeroth!

Happy new years everyone – be safe and don’t drink and drive!

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    1. Not much, but I am always aware of the fact that not everyone is nice…so I just think that next time I go in when i need things – hopefully I will win them and they will be useful for me 😀 Shame to iss ou ton loot though because someone is a tool 🙂

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