3/8 in dragonsoul

We finally got the warlord down tonight and if you can believe it, we one shot it.

We didn’t really have anything different tonight except a slightly better healer than usual and honestly it just melded perfectly. We had been doing a few attempts with 4 healers and everyone was thinking we should try that again but something was just screaming at me to do it with 3 healers.

So after much cheering we went to hagara and spent the rest of the night wiping on her, consistently under 50% and the last couple were 30%.

We were a little slow on the ice blocks unfortunately but we should have her this Thursday 🙂

All in all it was a positive night raiding and progress is always good for the morale of the guild.

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  1. I know what you mean about morale. It disappoints me when people get ‘tired’ and want to call the raid early because of a wipe night of progression raiding. “I’ll just come back when you guys have learned how to do this and have got it farm.” No. No you won’t.

    We wiped and wiped on Zon’Ozz until we genuinely started to believe it was bugged. We read guides, watched videos, tried repositioning and wiped some more. Last week one of my guildies came with the theory that we were standing to close to the boss and ball was not reflecting properly as it becomes immune for a short phase after hitting the boss.

    He was right, we pushed the ranged a yard or so back. We didn’t one shot him but once we hit our rhythm we scythed him down and started poking Hagara.

    Happy Holiday.

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