Pallies, mages, gear …OH MY!

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What a massive few days I have had in game!  My god!  I just haven’t had chance to post about everything as real life has as usual, taken up time 🙂

This is going to be a long post, and I will update with some piccies later when I get home…however let’s get started shall we…not sure if this is going to be at all chronological, but we shall see how it travels!

Saturday morning I decide to spend some time (and apparently money) on my mage.  This started with me changing back to fire properly.  I am going to see how this plays out over the next few weeks and I have my arcane spec sitting there should I need it.

However after spending an hour doing that – regemming, reforging, etc I decided to attempt an LFR run….I thought perhaps being Saturday morning, some things wouldn’t go so horribly wrong….I jumped into an LFR at 12.00 and was out by 3.00pm….we did the last 4 bosses and we wiped on every boss at least once and sometimes even twice.

We had a couple of people who seemed incapable of following instruction – don’t attack the tentacles of course meant an SP and a rogue killed them all…it dragged out the fight for soo long to the inevitable wipefest….there was a small amount of name calling but nowhere near as much as the other night and I at least have now seen all the fights I can use that knowledge to help explain it to the guild.

We have had a few people in the raiding team go into the LFR though so overall it makes it easier to explain fights.

I then spent some time on Sunday trying to get into the LFR for the first four bosses on my mage – it took two raids, but in the end I got all 8 bosses done and I did not win one piece of loot….every single boss dropped mage worthy upgrades for me as well. I was not impressed…..damn unlucky rolls!

Fire seems to be working ok for me though, I am putting out ok numbers but the rotation is more complex and I struggle with all the multitasking – perhaps I shoudl just roll a hunter 🙂  As usual though I am also comparing myself to mages that have ilevel’s well above my own…A mage on the last boss in DS was doing almost 40k and when I looked at his gear was wearing tier pieces and VP gear and upgrades from normal modes….there is no way I can compete with that – even if I was doing 25k in my gear.

Sunday evening our raid was called off due to some people having latency issues, and no one to replace them.  It was a shame, but it gave me a chance to tank a heroic on my pally while we waited for them to see if they could fix their issue.

My pally got special treatment yesterday.  I had the day off – and I had planned to do so many other things – however my pally was my focus.  I decided to take the bull by the horns and I ran several heroics on her. In fact I capped her VP (not all in one hit!!) but I managed to get some Tier 12 upgrades with my JP (for her holy set) and a VP ugrade for her tanking set.

I was rather impressed with myself and my tanking, I was trying my best to keep everyone out of problems and I managed to finish all the new heroics on her now.  I still have quests though that I need to finish so I have to head back in there.

I did manage to score an epic epic epic win out of one of the baggies you get for being a tank….I got the White Hawkstrider!!!!!  I have wanted that bird on my mage since I first saw one….and now I have one…on my pally!  I will post a pic when I get home tonight!

I was sooo excited….my pally does have great mount luck – she also has the Blue drake from Occ (mage still doesnt have that) and the Swift Zulian from ZG…

So after that win, I decided to head into LFR on my pally and see if I could tank it somewhat.  Massive Fail!  I was managing to stay alive and do what needed to be done, however no one seemed capable of it.  The only boss in three different LFR groups I managed to kill was Warlord.  I gave up after that.

So because I didn’t really feel like tanking anymore heroics after those LFR runs, I decided to actually look into a healing spec!  I have been taking healing gear for my pally for quite a while and just upgrading it as things came my way, when they are going to be DE’d etc I would steal them for my OS.

I was harrassing the best pally healer I know, and after doing my own research and gemming, forging etc he decided I had to go on a run – so into a normal we went…OMG!!  FREAK OUT!  It wasn’t that one died, however he is pretty well geared and so took barely any damage 🙂

My UI is not really set up for healing either – it is very dps/tank centric. I may need to adjust it to  a healy thing as well….however I had fun – the adrenalin was pumping.  Liek tanking, doing heroics and raids are very different and I look forward to doing a bit of both on her once I get my UI set up for it.

All in all I had a really productive in game weekend and I feel better for it.  My toons are at the point where I can run heroics or raids on them 🙂  Now to just get my druid, warrior and priest up – that will be my Xmas experiment!

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