Sharing Sunday: Podcast CtR

I know it has been a while since I did one of these, I just haven’t had much involvement with my blog or the outside WoW community that is not my home or my guild.

So today though I have to share with you my recent find!

Convert to Raid!!

I found these guys a few weeks ago whilst doing a search on G+ for WoW related posts. One of the main presenters had put up a post linking to their new forums etc.

I have long looked for a WoW podcast – it is after all, a teeny weeny obsession of mine.  I have tried a couple and they just haven’t held my interest.

One of those reasons – is they seem to be made up of smugly superior people who are only in heroic mode 25 man hard mode ninja style content – and that shites me.  How about the average joe player who isn’t in one of those kind of guilds?

Anyway, one of the first episodes I listened to of CtR they were describing their raid week and they have all variances – heroic mode, normal mode, new raid team etc.  A great mix of raiding groups.

Their podcast is all about raiding as well, not much boring arse PVP crap or other stuff that just isn’t relevant to the raiding scene.

I am currently listening to the previous episodes and I am still impressed – I have listened to about 5 episodes now. SO things may change, but if you are into raiding of any description, I strongly suggest you give them a listen, they are also in Itunes.

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