Complete Vanity Post

Yup, this is a complete post about my achievements, gear, pets etc.  I have placed behind a cut as they are just images basically 🙂

To kick start it though, here is a picture of my sexy worgen dressed in old world mage gear – complete with Elemental Mage Staff 🙂  There is a mix of Arcanist and Netherwind Regalia as I am still trying to get a complete set – and for the moment, I think she looks hawt!!

Who needs a robe when you look this good?

Achievements from all the new dungeons and the LFR tool 🙂

LFR rocked! Shoulders won as well 🙂

I don’t have an image of the first one as my mod was having a hissy fit 🙂

And the darkmoon faire arrived!!  Scored a cute new pet – yup – got my seahorse; and a plethora of other achievements for the meta – nto sure I am going to get them all done as a couple involve PVP….but will do my best to get the rest completed.

Only took me 30 casts - luck was on my side!

Of course I am saving the best for last!  I got my 45 reputation achievement today!!!  Only have to find another 5 more to build up!!!

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