9 man FL…yeah you know it…

We are such a hardcore guild, we 9 manned FL last night with me tanking again….LMAO…ok, so we only did  Shannox and Baleroc…but we did it with 9.

It was hard, rough and not the best raid night from the tough perspective, but overall it wasn’t horrific. We started late again as we were hoping someone would come online to fill out the team, but it didn’t happen. We wiped on Shannox, so changed our strat came back in and smacked him down…I died when riplimb was at about 7%, but hubby was quick thinking and kited him to traps so everyone could kill him slowly 🙂

I also tanked Baleroc and that was bloody hard.  I was popping everything I had whenever the cooldowns were off.  I saved half my cooldowns for the first devastating blade and then I just had to rotate what I could for the consecutive ones.  I died as he got to 4% – I had about 3 seconds left on my heal, so the OT who was DPSing just had to stay alive long enough for the raid to finish him off which was less than 10 seconds….we did give Lord Ryo a shot but we only have 10 minutes left for raid and we screwed the first attempt badly enough that the second was not going to go much better.

I partly blame myself – I sucked at tanking the adds on those two attempts….the first attempt the adds spawned on the other side of the circle to wherever I was….which meant I had real trouble getting to them before they squished someone.  The second attempt, for some reaon – I still can’t figure – I will check the logs when they go up – I could not get aggro on them.  I was attacking them and they were ignoring me – it felt that way anyway…so where I would normally spend 2 gcd’s grabing them I was spending 6 or even 7 trying to get them – AND both  my taunts…it was just wrong….

I scored a trinket – the scales of life – pretty sweet for the added self heal, and I got a pair of legs for my healing set.  (the set which I have yet to use – although it is almost fully complete now).  My health is now at 157 unbuffed and approx 187 with buffs…so I am a fair whack off one of our MT’s with 212k…but he is better geared than me and I need to get my rep up on my tank for the head and shoulder enchants, it will boost my hp up another 2k roughly….

Fingers crossed for Sunday that everyone is online and up for it so we can clear the rest and get to Rags for some practice….gear is not going to help us out with co-ordination and I think that is one of our main issues 🙂

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