Birthdays and Firelands

Last night was the 4th birthday of the guild. About 50% of the current raiding base are from the original guild that me, hubby and our best friend set up (or people that joined over 3 years ago).  I know I am no longer GM, but I do have a soft spot for a lot of people in the guild.  We have been raiding together since BC.  That’s a long time 😀

So in honour of that, we ran kara last night.  Some on lower level alts, but it was funny as hell and it brought back so many memories of the challenges and the learning that the 3 of us co-GM’s had to do about running a guild and dealing with so many different people from a management perspective.

I do miss running things and making sure everything is fair and detailed.  I miss having control of all situations and knowing that all contingencies have plans.  A lot of people wouldn’t know this, but on our original guild forums we had a seperate hidden forum for the three of us and I swear it was full of scenarios and expected responses and group agreements on things.  Before the three of us started the guild we spent over a month discussing every aspect of that guild, rules, loot rules, classes, raids, ranks, tabard etc…everything was sorted before we even created the guild.  It was an excellent way to ensure we knew what was going on.

The only thing we failed on was allowing every person to pass their trial period.  I know better now 😀

Anyway, kara was fun and it did make me miss the days when our guild was starting out and we had so much to look forward to.

We then headed into firelands to clear the rest to rags, we only had an hour left so it seemed like a good idea, I went on my mage as our actual tank was online.

We one shot Alyz and we 2 shot Staghelm.  Pretty sweet effort of the guys to be fair considering we have only just started clearing to them – last week?

I think the plan was to extend the lock out so we can do some solid Rags fighting. This week was good as a few people got upgrades which will only improve our chances on Rags, however unfairly that loot was received.

I have been requested to not say anything about last night, however I do want to say that over the last couple of weeks I have seen a side to a few people that I am not entirely sure I like and I really don’t know if the guild and I are going to work in the long term.  I really have to consider that as I have committed to pay for 12 months…so I can’t just quit at any time with no cost involved.  I love the guild and it’s people and I enjoy the friendly environment – however is that enough to buffer the things I don’t like?  This is a decision I think everyone makes at some point, multiple times even, in their WoW lives and not one I take lightly. (also not the first time I have questioned it either)

As described above, I need set rules, order, understanding of every situation and this guild is so fluid – it is like a scene from “The Day After Tomorrow” where the wave floods into New York and forces everyone into the library.  If I go off a three strike rule, there is one strike left before any decisions are made for me 🙂

Anyway, enough negative.  Onto RAGS!!  go go go!!  Intermission ws almost beat last week…we are going to get it beat this week.

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