o.O Pally tanking

I tanked Firelands on my pally!!  We got the first four bosses down – Beth, Shan, Ryo and Bale.  We could have gotten more done, but we ran out of time as we wiped a couple of times on a few simply because we had a weird mix of people on.

Overall, I think I did really well for my first time in the big leagues again.  The last time I tanked anything semi-current was on my warrior in TOC and Ulduar for alt runs.

I got a couple of gear upgrades as well which was nice and has boosted my ilevel to 363 I think?.

The other tank and I were chasing taunts all night- which was funny – but we are best mates so we were just giving each other crap about it.  Hoping to keep the healers on their toes, sounded like a great excuse at the time 😀

I really enjoyed myself, but I really felt that I had betrayed my mage not being on her.  Although I do find tanking so much easier than dpsing.  Seriously; constantly battling for dps is just so hard for me, I really have to work at it and even then I am always average or below.  I cannot seem to get above 15k as an average. I am not talking about the burst of about 24k or more that I can get, but that is a spike and doesn’t last all that long.  Other people in the raid are consistently hitting over 22k continuosly and I just can’t seem to understand how.  I am doing everything correctly, following my rotations, not moving, i think I am gemmed, chanted reforged etc pretty well….and yet…I still suck.

Tanking however….I have always enjoyed….I find it easy, a little manic when people don’t allow me the 2 seconds to hit a mob before them, but overall, I don’t find it challenging – perhaps because I am inherently a control freak I am more suited towards tanking and therefore I don’t think of it as hard.

I tanked Riplimb on Shan, was freaking out at the idea of that, but I handled it like an expert I think.  I tanked the drones on Beth, and managed to get them to where they should be and I managed the tank swapping on Beth without an issue.  I then tanked the adds on Ryo – which was a little “OMGWTFBBQ”, but after the first 2 wipes I got a handle on it and all was good. (The wipes were not my fault :p)  I was dpsing in tank spec on Bale, as I don’t actually have a dual spec on any of my toons except my mage – anyway, the main tanked died, so I taunted whilst he got a rez and then he taunted back and off we went again 🙂  No one would have known the MT had fallen in battle except for the poor bugger who the boss went for before I taunted.

All in all, I was happy with that attempt, but it also means I can pug Firelands on my pally now and get some gear as I have some boss kills under her belt.  I know all the other fights as well, so am not particularly worried about tanking them – Alyz isn’t all that hard provind you watch out for worms and Staghelm is stand and hit.

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