Rags…makes me feel like PMT!




I cannot even comprehend this fight much less actually fight!

We spent about 1.5 hours tonight dipping our toes in. Consistently getting to the sons transition, but making it no further….

That is a brutal mechanic….I know; logically, it is possible – I just don’t think it is possible…..lol

All in all we are happy with our progress on him given the lack of time we had. Silly things people died to a few times – to be expected on our first night seeing him I think.

Raid lockout extended so we can work on him all week 🙂

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  1. Personally, I think a night of raid wiping is enough. We raid two nights a week and we’re at the point now where we can “farm” or at least plough through the first six bosses in a night and hit Raggy all the next night. Reset get more gear…get stronger as raid…hit Raggy again.

    Sometimes the temptation on a last boss is to extend and extend and break on him like a wave. This is a recipe for burnout. There is another raid tier before the next expansion and if you burnout on Ragnaros you may not have a raid team for T13.

    Good luck hope you down him soon.

    1. We are not really anywhere near farming bosses except for shannox, so we are generally lucky if we get through our raid week with a night on any new boss- in fact I think this last week was the first in a while 🙂

      You are completely right though, too much wiping is never a good thing, even a few wipes on a boss tends to drop the morale seriously.

      How far off killing him are you guys?

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