I know I have been MIA, I have been playing heaps, and the guild is now 6 in firelands…we got staghelm down on our fourth attempt….kick arse.

I just haven’t got time to blog at the moment and I feel awful about it as I am not getting to keep a record of everything.

My Druid is now level 75….which I could get to play her more! I have started to level my warrior as well, he is now 81….

I travel 4-5 hours to and from work each day; it just means I am wrecked by the time I actually get home… 🙁

I am around though and I will try and find some blog time!

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    1. Yeah that’s my life 🙂 you’re right – it is no way to live however it pays my bills and until I get another job I just have to deal with it….you make sacrifices I suppose 🙂

      1. Of course…I had to myself. I was out of work, after the IT bubble well and truly burst in in 2000, for fifteen, very long months. I took the first permanent role I was offered, even though the commute was 55 miles each way. I hope you find something nearer to home soon, I really do.

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