Raiding as fire

I did my first raid the other night as full fire, and it was…interesting….to say the least…I suck at rotations at this stage…I kept getting flustered when things would proc, I have also discovered my UI SUCKS! I have cast bars over other bars and I can’t see boss debuffs, and I can’t seem to locate my dot timers….heheh

I must fix it this weekend. Hopefully before tomorrow night. I also need to make some stop cast macros as I need to get my pyro off asap and not waste time…anyway, these are all things you learn when you change specs 🙂 In all honesty I have just put up with my ui because it is such a daunting task to redo it all….and with arcane I really only needed to watch one thing….

My dps was a little touchy, but that was to be expected given I am learning rotations and getting frustrated with myself when i got it wrong. I was up there at 23k sometimes and then as low as about 12k…most of the time I was in between those…’s very spiky damage and I really can’t just look at a dps meter at the end of a fight and expect that to show me anything much….I really should look at the logs and see how I went and what I need to cut out on and who i can compare myself to 🙂

Aside from that I am enjoying fire, there is something satisfying about pyroblasting something three times in a row when you get a great proc run 😀

I am off to do my Ui now….it is going to take me a while and we are raiding tomorrow….so I have to have it done before then.

I uploaded the guild’s Lord Ryo kill onto my youtube page as well, and I am hoping to get the baleroc one up there tonight – if I remember to set it to upload before I go to bed tonight.

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  1. I also have a mage. I was also Arcane, I switched to Frost/Fire. This was back in the tail end of Wrath when Arcane pwned and was still the two button wonder Blizz had designed. You could really knock out some DPS…so why change to Frost/Fire?

    Boredom. OK the DPS numbers are nice, however having a nice little rotation to to get up and rolling. Hitting a nice proc streak with a proper rotation is very rewarding. This is the main reason I love Affliction Warlocks, that has to be the ultimate rotation, but Frost/Fire was pretty nice. So I really understand your switch to Fire.

    Addons…uhuh. I totally understand. I love and hate them. They’re shiny and useful and make things easy. Love EASY. They eat resources that are better left for the game itself to run in! Hate that. The way I deal with them is this asking myself do I really need this addon, how frustrating would my game experience be without it? To answer that question I usually do without it for awhile. This leads to some surprising discoveries. Some addons you really don’t miss at all, some surprise you by being so useful you have to get them back almost as soon as you turn them off. For me the biggest shocker was Fishing Buddy. I cannot be without it. Really!

    Also, check out Ampere and Addon Switcher. In combination you can create ‘addon sets’. For example, this is mah everyday set of most loved addons and this is mah much smaller set of ‘keeping things tight for raiding’ addons. With a couple of clicks and a /rl you can switch between these sets with ease. Did I say I like easy?

    1. Ahh good ole FFB spec 🙂 Who didn’t play that spec when it was awesome?? You know I have never been able to level a warlock very far…I get bored too quickly at lower levels, but then that is true of most classes…I really need to push past the level 10-20 suck fest and see how it is after that 🙂

      I think add ons are the honey pot. There are so many great ones out there that are completely useless and just fun, but you are right they just suck too much memory especially when raiding…I shall have a look out the add ons you have suggested as that could be pretty cool to switch them into sets. Although stupidly, I didn’t download reflux this time which means I have to re-create my ui now on every toon… 🙁 DEPRESSING!

      I can’t think of any add ons that I actually need – Blizzard has made some great in game changes to alleviate the need for a fair few, but they are not as aesthetically pleasing ….and well, damn I like being able to change everything around 🙂

      1. I hear what you’re saying, Blizz have improved things a lot. However Equipment Manager? I still use Outfitter. How about Volume controls that aren’t buried under Esc | Options | Sound? I would use a Data Broker display mod like Docking Station (or Chocolatebar) just for Volumizer alone!

        1. Yeah there are some things they have improved for starter people I guess, so they understand their gameplay a little more, but for us oldies I think we got spoilt with excellent mods and so now, can’t go back if the Blizz offering is not the same 😀

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