On farm?

Our second one shot of shannox tonight 🙂 compared to the complete mess we made of the trash it was awesome!

We had a few wipes on lord volcanohead, just not enough communication tonight which made the steering hard….we did get there in the end; however it has highlighted that a fair few people get tunnel vision during fights! We had approx 50% in the raid that hadn’t done the fight before either, so there was a little learning required.

All in all we managed. The plan is to head back in on Sunday and do bale and Beth again….fingers crossed 🙂

I might even give fire a shot on Sunday if I can wrangle a few bits of gear 🙂

2 Replies to “On farm?”

    1. Yeah there is one group as you come down the hill from Lord R, which has two cauterises and they are all immune to polymorph and well…everything so it seemed last night…..we wiped 3 times I think….we decided to call the raid at that point 🙂 Lucky us….heheh

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