Firelands destroyers!

Went into firelands tonight after killing Beth yesterday and we smashed lord ryowhatever AND baleroc!

Lord R was seriously pretty easy, a bit of movement and things to look for but overall with the increase in communication it went so smoothly in fact two shot….rather happy about that.

Baleroc was a little more difficult, given our guilds penchant for not talking on mumble much, I made a pointed comment about needing to talk it through coz we suck at it….didn’t really help to start :). I think we wiped 4 times? And then everything just sort of fell into place, I think an easy-ish fight once you figure out who is doing what and when. Communication was awesome πŸ™‚

My dps was woeful on lord R, I am not entirely sure arcane is the best spec for me in this raid πŸ™‚ but then I was about 17k on bale…could have been better but I died in the last 2% and I was running to get a shard before that…so I will check our logs to see actual figures πŸ™‚

There is still some drama going on which I (thankfully) don’t know anything about, but it just weighs on the mind…that people may leave or stop raiding or any manner of things.

We did prove that if people are paying attention; bosses can die! So we are now 4/7 and I have 4 videos I need to do now…… πŸ˜€

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  1. I’ve recently got back into raiding after the Kingslayer burnout. I know these instances have been nerfed but seriously…where is the challenge. I didn’t watch any tactic videos, I read nothing about the fights, not even the Dungeon Journal…OK our raid is reasonably tight…however, avoiding fire and knowing when to stack up and spread out is hardly taxing. I managed to stay alive until the boss was down on every fight our raid didn’t wipe on. Mentioning wipes we had only a couple…

    Don’t get me wrong I loved Nefarion and Ragnoros these fights have some genuine spice and bite. Sadly on the other fights in BWD, BoT and FL (ToTFW is a joke) I was left wondering “was that a boss?”

    1. It sounds like you got back into raiding with a guild who knows each fight pretty well and has been doing them for a while. if you are the only person really new to the fight you can mostly bluff your way into and out of the fights – I know I certainly did when I came back as well. But that doesn’t mean they were easy for your guild to start with?

      I am still waiting to see Nef die – we wipe at 2% when we do Nef (annoyed).

      I think it is a definite thing about what kind of players you have in the guild and their mindset. We have a guild split between casual people who just wanna play the game and have fun and the other half who are progression minded and want to be as good as they can. (refer to your post re people’s ideas of fun). So for us, the fights are always challenging because of that split πŸ™‚

  2. You’re right of course. I was maybe a little to gung-ho in my assessment of the difficulties of these instances. Yes, my guild are pretty slick when it comes to assimilating new content, the benefit of experience I guess, which is probably why I’m integrating OK. After raiding almost non-stop through Wrath I guess I have to admit I’m getting good at learning where not to stand quickly.

    The best thing about my new guild is that they have the balance perfect. Perfect for me I mean. Fun is the primary motivator for me in wanting to progress and see all the content. A healer pulled Lord Ryolith last night and we all ran away even though we knew we’d never get away. We laughed so much we almost broke Vent. Then we rezzed and had another pop at him.

    I still say the content is not as challenging as Ulduar or ICC and I’m not even talking about Black Temple, SSC or Sunwell. Still doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. πŸ˜€

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