Precious Beth

I may have pissed off a guildie the night before last whilst we were raiding…He hasn’t spoken to me in 2 days and does not respond to my whispers….

Last night, I managed to get sat out of the raid so I didn’t have to worry about it, but it just slightly annoys me that because I offered help – he got snarky and even after I apologized for any offence caused he still decided to shun me.

The issue with a text based conversation I guess –  sarcasm, humour, affection are not conveyed correctly, if at all.  This has annoyed me more than I would like to admit, as I really found him a nice person to chat to and I was not really seeing the precious side of him that everyone warned me of.

I have seen that now and I shall no longer chat to him unless directly spoken to, I am not going to waste my time trying to make friends with guild members if they are going to take offence when someone honestly is trying to help them out.

We still have not killed Beth, but we are consistently getting to second phase and we may actually have her soon.  We are only sending up one DPS – which I don’t believe is enough – however it is hard to tell since we keep having the tank fall down from the meteor :p and it all goes pearshape 😀

I am also contemplating perhaps looking at finding another raiding guild to move to.  As much as I love my RL friends in this guild – I am not entirely sure I can handle the overall raiding issues with them.  The negativity, lack of determination (they get worse the more wipes – and I mean 3 wipes in one night and they decide it is too hard), the general lack of progression and the constant feeling that no one is good enough in the guild to keep up with the few special people and of course the double standards….

Although I am having a tough time in my personal life at the moment, having a cold, unable to find a job and general malaise, so this could be bleeding over into my game life and lack of tolerance…

My druid is now 67, and slowed down dramatically, I have had no time to play and even less time to level – my game time at the moment consists of logging on to do my auctions, then switch for raid then log off afterwards…so I have been missing playing her and indeed I enjoy playing boomy – I am sort of getting the hang of it and my dps is doing better in dungeons 🙂


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