Rage moar!?!?!?

Once again I am amazed at the strength of character shown by people in this game.

I have been running dungeons, as you know, pretty solidly and this following screenshot shows that I am just incapable go playing on the same plane of existence as others.

To give background – I am finding dungeons on my boom kin actually quite hard.  I am constantly out of mana from the chain pulling that all the tanks seem to love doing, so much so that I am unable to even get out of combat to drink, so I sometimes have to resort to going kitty (with boom kin gear and spec) just to make it look like I am doing something.

I have also found that I am unable to really compete with DPS meters as my spells as as boomy tend to take some time to ramp up and by then the mob is half dead and I get one actual cast off.  I am doing better on each boss fight – when I have the mana.  So, aside from being asked  by one person why I use hurricane so much (which given everyone AEO’s mobs I am not entirely sure wtf they want me to do)  I copped this following tirade because I was not watching the tanks health…I has stupidly assumed he would have waited for the healer to be close enough…I have placed it behind a cut as it has a couple of rude words…

Of course, 10 minutes after I left I thought of so many cooler things to say that would have been insulting, and of course they were very very very rude – so I shall not type them here, suffice it to say I wish I was a faster thinker when it comes to insults, but it is so against my nature I suck at it 🙂

Nerd rage much?

So, I felt great after that and jumped offline for a little while because I was just a little put out but it.  Note Natuure left the group as well and just before this tirade was asking where we were (I think).

Anyway, let’s just say I have been having one hell of a time with pugs – being called a scrub on my pally and now a cunt on my druid.  Yeah I love this game.  When are they bringing out a server for the non sociopathic wankers???

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  1. Hm – I’m surprised you didn’t see this coming when you entered a pug with a multi-boxer using the prefix of ‘Fap’.

    Certainly hope his/her dps toons weren’t out dpsing you whilst keeping agro on his/her tank, that would certainly be something to feel out out by.

    1. Yeah I know…Fap did give it away for me when I joined the group and I was going to say nasty things in response to his fapping…but well…I am just too polite 🙂

      Shame the calibre of player can sometimes be pretty low in a social game…

  2. To be honest, I used to get upset, then I got annoyed, now I just give it back. Like everything…you have to practice.

    Some people ask me why I bother? Well it’s really, really simple (as Lore would say): if these kids wanna be rude and aggressive, why should I restrain myself? Plus, it’s much more satisfying to wind them up like a clockwork car and see them go careering away hitting everything with their temper tantrum as they go. I sincerely hope to frustrate one enough to smash his PC to pieces with it’s chair one day.

    1. I wish I could do that!! I just don’t have the courage to or the wittiness to have fast come backs; I think of them 10 minutes later :/

      Would love to see the conversation that leads up to the computer smashing – it would have to be solid gold!

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