Fail…massive fail

Sorry I have not been around much on here, I have been having such busy busy weeks that I can barely get time to cook dinner.

But in my down time I have been trying to level my druid as much as possible but just running dungeons. My method is currently to fly around herbing and skinning whilst waiting for the dungeon queue. Since you get xp for herbalism now – it is a pretty sweet ride, yes it isn’t as fast as if i was questing as well, but the herbs and leather are being turned into inscription and money so in the end – I think I am bettering my position.

However running dungeons over and over again comes with its own risks….

I was in a start run which, as you can see from the following short video – was great fun – NOT

You will have to forgive the quality, I uploaded as high as I could and they still make the damn thing fuzzy…

We wiped about 3 times just getting to the first boss and when we investigated we discovered why.

I wanted to take a snapshot of the conversation, but I can’t seem to get a clear one. However he says “My friend who has a lot of 85’s says gear doesn’t matter at this level” then after a wipe says “You should probably try to not aggro quite as many”.

To a certain degree; gear doesn’t matter at this level, with 2 exceptions – tanks and healers. His mana pool was under 2.5k – my mana pool was sitting at almost 4k. A healer needs a mana pool – end of story – you can’t heal if you are oom and that is just how the game is played. I don’t understand how his “friend” could advise him of such a thing in clear conscience, in the end we wiped and wiped and I healed for most of the run as boomy, which meant I had no mana ever, but it kept the tank up….with my three healing spells I was kicking arse I am sure.

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