Heroic 25 mans, pallies, mages and idiots :)

There was a few people online last night and we decided to just have a play in 25 man heroic….you know…for fun….what else can you do when you have no plans for a Friday night and you have 8 people online to start 🙂

You know, we were actually doing quite well….until the PVP event, which sort of nuked our plans to get any further.  The first attempt on them, I think we all spent about 10 minutes just trying to kill the healers….It was hilarious because we just didn’t have enough interrupts or CC….but I was enjoying myself immensely.

It was nice to just be having a laugh in a raid that was still taking some concentration but not being progression content meant it was fine if we died.  Which we only did once on each boss, because you know….we forgot a lot about each encounter and we had a fair few people that had never been there before – so we were sort of explaining things on the fly….

On other topics: my pally has recently had a gear boost – 2 tier 11 pieces and a new belt and some pants, so I my gear score is now 355.  I tanked ZA the other day and we did ok….I stuffed up one or two things, but we got through – and I went with a guild group, so they were much more patient with me.  She has been slightly neglected so it was nice to get on her and really get into it.  I enjoy tanking immensely with a guild group – and hate it with randoms or pugs.

I was running some heroics with hubby and we got a group for The tides and 2 of the people advised they had just come back from a break and never been to the intense, the other member in the group was pretty nicely geared.  (Can you tell where this is going?)  I was taking it easy, being careful – as I do because I know my gear isn’t all that great and I know I am still a little hard to keep alive.  Anyway, one of the group members kept pushing me, you know the type; “go go go go go go” in party chat.  Anyway I went (stupidly) and the healer couldn’t keep me up…wipefest….no one commented on anything so we went back in and kept going.

Hubby got stuck on the slow arse elevator, for some reason it didn’t register I’m standing on it, so we had to wait for him – one person dropped at that point, then we got a new person in the group…we must have wiped again, although I really don’t remember and someone in party said “you guys all suck I don’t need to waste my time like this, You are all shit” so I said ” F O then”, he then said “calm down, you are a scrub tank – i have more HP than you when I am in fury spec – learn to play”….then he left, then someone else left, then I left as well.

I was rather annoyed to say the least – I stupidly, did not realise that all tanks when they start out have over 200k health straight away, that learning to play involved actually playing in heroics and that being a tank required me to not go above the healers capacity to heal me no matter how much other people may want to push through heroics in 5 minutes flat.

What happened to just relaxing and enjoying a heroic, why is every one so hell bent on doing them in 3 minutes with no wipes, no conversation and with such attitude?  You know the extra baggy that tanks get for running heroics – is NEVER going to entice me to just run them now..I was tempted to once I got my second piece of gear – but not anymore.  All you groups out there that need tanks…sorry, you have one less now because idiots in this game like making people feel like crap when they are learning.

Of course it meant the next heroic we went into, I started it with “hi, if you abuse me for being a new tank I will drop group, please go easy as I am not epically geared!” That shut them all up and I got compliments at the end of the heroic with how my tanking was excellent for a new tank. So that was a boost to my confidence, but sadly not enough (because I am not a new tank – I have been tanking for a while – I just don’t have the gear yet to run in and grab everything and survive.)…perhaps I should make a macro.

My mage on the other hand has been kicking butt, my girl is doing me proud – except when I have to decurse and spellsteal etc – I tend to drop in dps more than I would like because I don’t want to miss my window…I shall have to practice that.  I have been doing really well on the “not moving more than I need to” situation and I pretty competitive DPS wise now when I am concentrating 🙂 We killed Shannax (did I mention that already?)  so I got to kill him the other night as well – video of that should be up very soon – it felt slightly cool, to be back in progression content and actually succeeding…I do miss progression raiding – one of our MT’s came back last night (who then checked out my pally and proceeded to tell me off for all my gem/enchant choices – it was awesome to have someone else to chat about pally tanking with) that should give us the one extra person we are generally missing on raid nights….woot!!  Onto Beth’tlac now….and doesn’t that fight look lovely??

Anyway, this is one long arse post and I am going to stop, but I wanted to just put an update as I have been busy since I got back from Tassie and not really keeping this up to date with my in game things 🙂

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