Back from tassie

I am back from tassie! I hope my pre-organized posts were enjoyable and I am sorry if they weren’t; but I can’t change the past so you must learn to live with the present 🙂

I had a lovely time in tassie and finally managed to log on last night to participate in my first shannax kill! The guild managed to kill him on Monday night fir the first time, and I taped it last night! Grats team!! We are going to try Beth next, I think?

I was not on top of my game again last night, I couldn’t seem to get my rotation or target right and overall it was a little frustrating that I was making errors. I blame holidays!

Hubby was as usual kicking arse – his brain was back from vacation perhaps??

So cool to have killed him! Now if only I could kill nef and the first boss in throne if farts I would be set 🙂

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