Day 14: This upsets me

I am not entirely sure how to answer this one. There are so many things that upset me, but are we talking about in game, external, relevant to me, things I can’t change etc?

Here is my no means a list of things that upset me – in no particular oder:

  • My family – love/hate relationship with some of its members
  • Disrepectful people
  • People using the word rape out of context
  • Funeral plan ads on TV
  • Famous (rich) people complaining about anything
  • Countries that have homeless children/adults living in squalor or starvation without medical help
  • Not being able to find a job
  • Politics
  • Coat hangers that are all stuck together
  • Necklaces that have knots in them and no matter how you try, you can’t get them untangled.
  • Being too nice to speak my mind for fear of consequences

So there is a fairly good list I think, of the things that upset me 😀 That’s a few too many I think!!!

2 Replies to “Day 14: This upsets me”

  1. Without being being ‘patronising’, that list did make me chuckle slightly. Mean, I think we all have a pet hate for a number of the items you listed XD

    Makes you feel better to get that out your system though ey?

    – Jamin

    1. Oh hell yes, and I am sure I could have added another million things, but I was just sooo stuck for things that actually upset me…I tend to be a rather upbeat and optimistic person (LOL) so I try to just avoid (walk away from, ignore, never go back to etc etc etc) things that make me angry, so if you take away that stuff there is only stuff that makes me sad left…

      And yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an emo post!! heheeheh

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