9 Manning BWD and sitting out

I got sat out of our raid on Sunday night ( I was not happy about it at the time because I  was sat out for other people that have erratic raid attendance and are not full raider status and I had hoped we would kill Shannax; I would have liked to be there for a first kill – but then don’t we all want to be there for first kills?) they spent all night wiping on Shannax (Evil YAY!!) and I don’t really know if they got close or not to killing him.

I am very quickly getting over a couple of people in the guild treating (or assuming) hubby and myself as if we have never played WoW before. There are constant comments being made about us not being long time players and not having worked for things before, or not being in the guild before other people.  My response is to just remind them in a friendly way that I created the guild they are now all in…so basically – they can go and shove it 🙂  Just because we took 6 months break doesn’t mean we weren’t around before hand, I do like to just show them my Kingslayer achievement was received last year – it shuts them up a little 🙂

Anyway, last night we were short and so decided (insanely perhaps) to go and do BWD…one of our healers pipes up and says “We 9 maning?” to which the RL responds – yeah why not…??  heheeh And you know…we actually didn’t do badly at all!

We had another new tank – so had a couple of wipes due to general learning – which was nothing to stress about.  But the 4 DPs we had last night were kicking arse.  Enh Shammy, SP, DK and myself. Generally all sitting anywhere between 13-20k depending on fights.  We managed to only get 3 bosses done but it was impressive.  The Healer who piped up at the start; after our second boss was quite impressed that we could prove him wrong and get through it without the 10th person 😀

I was in a grumpy mood from work, so wasn’t really saying much, but it was a very good run even with the wipes.   I was impressed with my DPS in some places and not so impressed at other times…but I wasn’t really focused and on top of my game.  I am not used to having to mana manage for the longer fights..maybe they weren’t all that longer but they certainly felt it.  I was definitely struggling in some of them to maintain a good phase switch system…I was blowing cool downs early, not using them properly and basically just making a mess of it all… 🙁

All in all…I had fun.

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  1. “I do like to just show them my Kingslayer achievement was received last year”

    It may perhaps be a good time to go and reread your particular blog entry on the Kingslayer achievement and reflect on the events that led you there.

    ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’

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