Day 13: People (players/bloggers) that you admire.

I am going to stick with players on this one – I basically did bloggers the other day and gushed about them enough. Unless they want me to gush about them some more and I will edit this post a little 😀

Players –

Kolibear – Koli was a guildie I scored a while back – long time ago and he has stuck by me through thick and thin. He is an absolutely awesome player and manages to do some amazing things when tanking. He and I have always clicked. We never had to struggle to communicate when I was RL – he always knew what I was on about 😀 He always gave perfect solutions to issues and he is not afraid to speak his mind or tell everyone to STFU because they can’t decide what they want him to do now. When I was GL – he was the first to help me out with anything – bank bitch, office bitch, gear checking, forum mod….everything…he did it all with me. I am now just a guildie, I don’t RL or anything, and he isn’t playing much anymore, but he is, and will always be, one of the most important people to me both in and out of this game.

Keeva from Tree Bark jacket (no idea now (Inexorable)). Whilst I was only in her guild for a short time, she impressed me with her depth and sincerity. She managed to create a guild that was my heaven and even just having a tiny slice of it made me eternally grateful for the work she did. She also impresses me – constantly – that she can level the same class a billion times 😀 Then she posts things like this post or this one and make me wish I could have stayed with her and the guild. But my life needed me and I couldn’t justify staying in the game. BIG admiration and regret that I never really got to tell her how much she affected my love of the game. Huge hugs to you Keeva!

My current GL – although he is a little fruitcake about his toons, he is amazing when it comes to knowing everything about them. We joke a lot about how he constantly talks about his DK – talents, specs, gear, chants – everything and anything – the issue is he remembers it all – every number, every permutation. He knows what he should and shouldn’t be doing – I would lay down $100 that he stuffs up his rotation about once in a millennium. His addiction to his characters is amazing – and I admire that he can put in the time and effort to bettering them in every possible fraction. If everyone was as dedicated as him to perfecting his toons – there could be so many more great players out there.

Manastorm (GL of Aces High) – is friends with some people in my guild and pretty much comes raiding with us in old content when we are fluffing about. He is much better geared than I am, but he makes being a mage look like the shizz. I watch his numbers on the dps charts and just sit there drooling, one day I want that to be me!! He is currently what I aspire to be like.

Lominari – My hubby – has always been one of those players that can take a toon and make it his without any issue or too much concern. Where I have played one raiding toon my entire WoW life – he has played many. Rogue, Shammy, Druid, Priest. All in end game and all at different levels and guilds. He does it with ease and I am so very jealous of him because of that. Last Sunday (Fathers day) we came home and found us in time for raid hubby being drunk as a skunk from drinking whisky with my father, was needed and still able to put out the dps and be top or second on the meters….He could barely speak and he was walking wobbly (yeah, you know the wobbly walk) and yet managed to kick arse!! Have another cup of admiration honey 😀

There are a fair few other people that have come and gone in my life, Sienna (mage), Aurich (Pally), Bushido (Warrior), Kat (Druid), Serender (DK), Bomma(Druid), Cayehn (Druid), Bristlebeard (Hunter). So many people to admire and just not enough time 😀 They are all brilliant players and are able to transform a toon into a machine of awesome. If I could have a guild with all those people in it – I would think we could smash through content….Oh the dreams!! 😀

2 Replies to “Day 13: People (players/bloggers) that you admire.”

  1. The world seems so nice when I read your posts 🙂

    Bushido.. Where do I know that name from (Yes I know it may be repeated on multiple servers). There was a Human Warrior on my old server Kazzak – Eu who had that name. Any coincidence?

    – Jamin

    1. Funnily enough he was a warrior..NE though and not on EU, but that’s weird! It must mean something like warrior in Japanese or something? That’s my guess anyway!! And I am sticking to it!

      As a general rule, I tend to focus on the negative and not celebrate the positives, so I am trying to balance it out a bit more…..and not get so narky (perhaps the drama would be better though?? Lol)

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