Sunday Share: WoWjuju

I have been visiting WoWjuju since I can remember – it is my lifeline to all things reputation.

I would be devastated if this site ever goes offline or disappears.  There is a handy little button on the side that says “reputation calculator” and OMG – You are a genius for this!  You do the usual character look up and then select which faction you want to know about.

The information there is amazing.  Quests, hand ins, loots, who to see, where to go, want to to do…”Do you want fries with that?”.  I am an achievement chaser as most of you know and this site makes it more bearable to chase reputations.

They have great news updates as well and all the other things you expect on a wow site, but the reputation calculator is my love and I visit that site at least weekly, more if I am actively chasing a reputation.

If you are into reputations gains and getting more achievements – make sure you drop past.  It is well worth the time and you will not regret it!


2 Replies to “Sunday Share: WoWjuju”

  1. Honestly, I recently removed it from my RSS reader.

    Now, bear in mind, I don’t require/use the reputation calculator. I found that they hardly updated, and when they did, it was a copy from the official WoW site/WoWhead blog.

    Though I will take your advice if I ever require the above device 🙂

    – Jamin

    1. With so many many news and update sites out there I never needed to use it for that 🙂

      But the rep calc helps me decide which rep to chase next by amount of hand ins….I need to get my goblin rep up- I would like to go to BB and get my chicken!! 🙂 hehe

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