Day 12: Usual Day in the your life/online time.

o.O Day 12 you are a hard one!

The first and last thing I always do for my online time is check my auction house toon.  I suck at playing the AH, but I certainly give it my best shot. Because hubby and I have so many toons on the go, everything that can be sold goes to the AH toon and we attempt to make some money that way.  It isn’t a bad method and it has managed to make me over 8k in one month.  Yes probably slow progress for some of you experts out there, but for me it’s still impressive.  I generally like to put stuff up for sale on Saturday mornings and then sometime during the week (wed/thurs).  I use Auctioneer and just sell everything as an undercut.  I don’t really care about maximum profit – just as long as there is some profit over vendoring 😀

I then tend to log onto my mage and do my cooking/fishing dailies, then hubby and I get the molten front dailies done and then either we suckered into a heroic run (I refuse to do Z runs) or I stand around in SW bouncing on the fountain waiting for raid invites.

I have started getting into the habit of now playing on another toon until the raid invites are ready.  Generally fluffing about on my other toons and trying to get some levels on them.

We raid, we wipe, we kill, then I jump offline.  Kind of boring when summed up like that I am sure – but as you would all know, it seems more interesting when you are actually doing it!  :p

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