Holidays :D

Hubby and I are heading to Tassie next week for 5 days basically, so I have spent a few hours setting up some posts to get published whilst we are away.

Sadly, not likely to be any super exciting raiding horror stories but general nonsensical posts which I am sure you will all adore.

We are leaving next Wednesday and catching the ferry across the strait and then coming home on the Monday night ferry and will be back online Tuesday – just in time for shut down!  WOOT!

The reason I am posting this notification early is because I am not entirely sure how much time I will have this weekend and really I only have Monday night with free time 😀  Tuesday night we are likely to have friends over (our standing dinner date with other WoW players) which generally runs pretty late.  So if it feels a little cut and dry with the posts you will all know why!

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