Day 11: Bad Habits and Flaws.

This is a very very bad thing to write about because I have so few flaws or bad habits!!  :p Yeah right!  I am like everyone else I suppose I have had some major habits and issues over the my lifetime, but as we grow, and change and our life develops we learn to adapt and deal with issues.  Not that I had a problem with it, but I stopped smoking a few years ago, I also managed to get myself off the wacky tobacky, I don’t’ binge drink all that much anymore, I try to spend more time with friends, I have tried to be more supportive to people when in need, I am trying to improve my work options etc etc.  We could go on forever, but the following are just the main ones that i feel plague me!

My first habit – that I wish I could get out of – nail biting!  I don’t really just bite them for the heck of it anymore, they have to have broken or snapped or something first, but once they do – it is on for young and old.  I can’t seem to stop.  I have always been a nail biter; I remember when I was younger, my mother (who has immaculate nails – and has done since I can remember) tried out some new and swanky “stop biting” nail polish on me – the theory being the taste was so foul that you eventually stopped biting them, negative reinforcement style, I suppose.  It only worked until I started to like the flavour of the nail polish 😀 FAIL!!  EWWWWW!!

My second bad habit is that I say “In all honesty”  all the damn time.  You know how some people have signature phrases – that is mine – and when I say it – I cringe on the inside….I sometimes use “realistically” too much as well, but I am slowly getting out of that habit! This habit though, works in well with my major flaw of not being confident in myself. I don’t believe my opinions are worthy of being noted and therefore I tend to preface things with in all honesty, or “just my opinion” etc to cover myself….it’s stupid an should be unnecessary but that is why it is a flaw 😀

The other major flaw I used to have – is my temper!!  I have been 4 months now without any anger issues – I have been doing a lot of work on getting past it all.  I used to explode at the drop of a hat – and to be fair (see, making those prefacing comments again!!) I made any relationships awkward because of it – in ways I didn’t even realise.  I just decided enough was enough and in June I made the change.  I don’t ever want to go back to feeling as angry as I used to.  So I only mention this one as it is was a massive part of my life and I seem to have handled it now!

My slightly more disturbing flaw, which I am now woking on, is my idealism.  My hubby tells me off for this all the time. I tend to live in a world (in my head of course) where everyone is honest, friendly, polite, courteous, considerate etc etc etc.  I cannot seem, for whatever reason, to deal with the fact that they aren’t.  There are absolute pricks out there and I will always be surprised by them when I come in contact with them.   I am shocked when a friend betrays me, because in my mind that just shouldn’t happen. I am shocked when someone shows very little courtesy or tact when explaining, for example, how to improve a toon, I am aghast when people can’t seem to show respect to each other in game because they feel some sense of anonymity….I don’t feel anonymous on the internet…but then I am a friendly type who likes to make friends and find out about people – therefore breaking the anonymity….

Ahh the beauties of being human, we all have flaws or habits that are not considered good, and each has their own perspective on whether or not they are actually bad.  Here’s to be an individual with quirks and


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