Druids and dungeon queue

This is a late update I know 🙂

Saturday night my hubby went out, so given that I had not made any plans, I decided to put in some solid levelling on my druid.  I got to level 40 by 9.30pm and was rather happy with that.

I decided at 6.30pm to chain run some dungeons – how bad could it be?  Not at all I found out.  My first couple of runs were with randoms who were insane with aggroing entire rooms – no fear at lower levels huh?

On my third run, I was grouped with a priest healer and dps warrior from my server in a guild called…hrmm….refuge I think….they were fabulous comedy 🙂  Also had another priest who was unguilded and she (toon) was lovely.  We were grabbing random tanks, but we ran a few runs together and it was nice to find some lower level people just hoofing through instances having some fun together.

Found out boomkin is not all that great at lower levels when comparing one self to a SP or mage….my 100dps was just not getting close to  their 300dps..so i went to the AH spent 10g on some gear and then went back in and I managed to hit 120dps 😀  Mind you to be fair; I would get 3 instant casts off and the mob (excluding bosses) would be dead.

I really have no idea what I am doing as yet though – I need to spend some time reading about playing boomkin, at the moment I am almost mashing keys and hoping for things to die. ALMOST!!  I don’t really understand how the lunar/solar thing works..YET!

Definitely should have believed everyone when they said I had to get past level 20 to start enjoying a druid!  I am loving it.  Nowehere near as much as my mage – and probably not as much as my pally – but certainly more than my warrior 😀  I can’t wait to get to 85 – I may even try healing on her too…it seems sort of fun!

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  1. Getting past level 20 really should be the way folks judge a class imho. Almost all classes play totally different when they hit their stride in the 20s; and get disgracefully entertaining past 40s-50s. I’ve been alt’ing as a Warrior recently and really enjoy the latitude they have as tanks. So many powers to control.

    I guess a negative is that i found some classes play well while leveling, but are less fun at max level. I enjoyed leveling a hunter, but hate 85 – and have parked it in an Inn.

    1. I hasn’t thought about the level cap and how it stunts enjoyment. That might explain my warrior – loved leveling her and will start her trek to 85 in the next couple of weeks, but I barely played her when she was capped at 80

      I am very bad for leveling and if I can’t get it past level 10 I generally just never go back…

      I am definitely going to pay more attention to the leveling experiences now!

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