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“While there are some quests that specifically call for grouping, most don’t… but do you group anyway? How many of you pick up a friend or guildie to quest with and how many grind the lonely roads alone?

I have a draft post in queue on the difference between solo questing, dual-box questing, and party questing and thought it might be a fun topic to share.”

I am a little all over the place with this one in all honesty 🙂

I like leveling alone – I can’t help wanting to keep all the xp for myself! when wrath came out me, hubby and best mate grouped up and quested our way through together to help the best mate get leveled, we found out though, through leveling the next toons that it was probably the harder way of doing it 🙂 but it was fun at the time.

I don’t mind questing with other people though if it is needed or someone beds help etc, but I like just being able to do things in any order I want to and just having the ability to get lost in the woods and go off on tangents etc. I like exploring and gathering – not easy when others are with you.

I am so glad they got rid of the group quests that were everywhere, the ones were you needed a full group to defeat a quest chain in an area. Not because I didn’t enjoy spamming the local area looking for people, but because by the time you are on your second or ninth toon you tend to find less and less people in an area to help. I remember on my pally I had about 10 group quests in icc left in my log simply because no one was around when I was 🙂 The phasing also didn’t help that situation.

However, hubby and I do all of our dailies together. It means our dailies for both molten front and deepholm take us just under 30 minutes in total to get done. Whilst one of us is killing the other does the other bits and pieces required – I don’t like doing dailies without him now!! Who doesn’t like getting their dailies done in half the time??

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  1. In terms of XP, you actually gain more actual XP. This is from “Group Bonus”. Also the majority of quests are completed much faster when in a group. Though it is nice to go at your own pace at time, I know. However, at the same time, I now see grouping to be a really great way to enjoy the process.

    Also, grouping up with buddies for the dailies really does speed up the time taken doesn’t it! 😀

    – Jamin

    1. Questing in a grop is certainly a sure fire way to get through the quests quickly – you are definitely right there 😀 (hence the dailies being so much better when with other people), but I felt that levelling from 70-80 was faster by myself than when the 3 of us were grouped for it…although…thinking about it…I am not sure if they boosted the xp before or after i started my other toons….hrmmm….because obviously that would skew the figures….

      One thing I would like to do – is create a 5 man RP group – that runs together and levels and RP’s the entire time…I think that would be so much fun…but I don’t think I have 5 RP friendly friends 😀 and it would be very hard to co-ordinate the levelling of five people together…was hard enough for 3 of us and we all took 2 weeks annual leave to do it!

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