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I am going to attempt to start a new thing on my blog.  Each Sunday, I am going to put a post up about a site that I think is pretty cool and one that I use/read/go to very regularly 🙂  It may be old news of rose, but could also be new for others and so in the spirit of caring here is my first one.


This site rocks the socks of anything out there.

I used to go to this site when it was just and I used it religiously anytime i needed to know my specs.  I thought it was awesome back then.  However whilst levelling my pally i went back to talent chic and found this new level of awesomeness.  It now does gems, enchants, glyphs!!!!

It tells me all the most common configurations for every single class and spec out there by reading and collating the data from the armory.

I find this site absolutely wonderful and I cannot stress enough how useful it can all be.

So if you are needing a shove for information and are feeling slightly overwhelmed but want to get some idea what the majority of people are doing, then please head there and have a gander!  You will definitely not regret it….I can promise you!!

Yes, I know you can’t shut me up to day, I am on a blogging mission!!

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