Slightly flummoxed

The other reason I have not been around, is that I have been FRAPSing the guild kills and then trying to upload them somewhere for people to watch.  So far, I have only done one video – but god it took long enough.

I had to transfer them from my pc to my mac, convert each FRAP file to mp4, then put them into iMovie, piece it all together, add bits, remove stuff, then upload it.  I have uploaded it to youtube, who have disabled the audio because I have a track on it – Yes I have sent the form through to have that disputed, but that was over 4 days ago and I doubt that is going to be of any help.

I then uploaded it to my personal gallery – but people have told me they can’t view it there either.  Quicktime issues or something.  I created a vimeo account – but my file is too large for their weekly allowance and I am not going to cut more out.  So my only option is to download another program that can convert something from mp4 to wma (I am guessing) and uploading it, therefore allowing everyone to view it???


Anyway the video took me all week to do, and I was so proud of it – and I was going to link it up here for all to see, but that has not yet happened….if I find a solution I will potentially do that….

If you have any suggestions please feel free to lob them at me!!!

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    1. Yeah I was hoping to avoid having to convert it to something else again, considering the amount of conversion I am already doing…once again my impatience shines through 😀

      I will check out DIV though and see what I can wrangle. Thanks for the input!

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