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This week’s shared topic, (which I am cutting it really fine on submitting) is about the general reaction to the new Transmog coming out….

I am torn on this subject, and to be fair, its because I have never been one to accumulate money in game (and out – if truth be known).  I prefer to spend it – on …stuff….junk, pets, mounts, items, gear, crap…..I have enough to cover all my raiding expenses; thanks to dailies, and I don’t play the AH (I suck at it) and I don’t really sell my professions or skills in any way that could be considered money making.

So when I hear reports that using this transmog is not going to be cheap; it makes me sad.  Depresses me.  I would like to dress my nage in either arcanist or netherwind, and by all reports to even store the gear – it is going to cost me more gold than I have on all my toons – not to mention – wanting to use the gear is going to cost me even more money (which I just don’t have).

To me, this is an unfair burden for people to have to pay for – the money does not benefit the economy in any fashion – depending on the costs of it, I wonder how many people will actually use it?  There has been a massive demand for a wardrobe type system since BC – and they have obviously heard us – but I wonder if they have fundamentally gotten this wrong.  I am more than willing to pay for the service, please don’t misunderstand me, but I am not going to pay stupid amounts like 300g to store an item or to use it.  (I barely use reforge because it is damn expensive!)  So I am not at all excited about it anymore.

My other beef, aside from the potential costs, is the requirement to have that gear.  As I posted previously I deleted all of my gear, every expansion I got rid of everything (except really special items).  I am not overly worried about Tier pieces as they mostly easy to obtain again, however what about some items that I will never get again.  Some of the artwork out there is awesome and especially for weapons and shield etc – but random drops and quests means that you have to try and farm that specific item again and if it was a quest item – too bad.  You will never have that again.

There is no proper solution to that, because there is no way Blizzard could have a vendor with every single item that has crossed your path in the history of your character – ready and willing to re-sell it to you for a price (vendor price I mean); perhaps they could do a vendor with all the epic items perhaps??  LOL  Still a pain in the butt for them.  The reason I bring this up is because I have a hatred of RNG, random drops and anything that means there is not a guarantee of a piece of gear.

Backstory:  I raided MC for just on a year – every week – Sunday from about 9am until about 5pm – with a lunch break for an hour.  Yup 40 man raids with 5 other mages, took us all day.  In that year I missed approximately 4 Sunday raids, whether I was out or it was my turn to sit out.  Either way I never, ever, ever, saw the archaist robes drops once.  NEVER.  They did however drop every week when I wasn’t in there.  I started raiding late so most of the mages in my guild already had the robes and therefore I had no competition for them (if they did drop).  To this day I have never owned them, I haven’t been to MC all that much since we left it, and I still have yet to see them drop.  So why, why for the love of god, would I want to use this transmog service when the one item I need – has not dropped for me in over 5 years of game play….??!!?!??!!?

I think the transmosg and void service will be great for people that have kept every single item they every owned (providing they can afford it), but , as it stands, with the pricing being reported as pretty high I will not be using it.  I would rather save up for the next expansion, because sure as the sky is blue, there will be some other massive expense I need for that, training, riding, gearing etc, and I would rather have my limited funds available for that.

Of course the benefit to not changing gear, is that  because so many others (or so they hope) will be changing, I won’t look the same as the other 50000 mages dressed in Arcanist 😀

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