o.O Remember me?

Yes Yes, I remember you, I know i have a blog I am updating semi-regularly and yes I know I need to actually get the time to post..but honestly so busy this last week -I just wanted to get focused!!  Please don’t blame me!!

I spent a week getting my pally levelled.

She is now 85!!  Woot! (Did you know they have officially added the word “Woot” to the dictionary…awesome I think).


My sweet girl



I really didn’t do anything else except the occasional raid with the guild but mostly spent anytime in game – questing.  Friday night I had about 2 bubbles left and I just didn’t want to go to bed until I had it done – it was about 11:30 when I finally dinged.  I jumped on yesterday morning and had a gear fest with some guilds – I can’t thank them enough!  I got a couple of nice ZA/ZG items from the guild bank (mace and bracers), a friend bought me the BOE boots from points, I had a gorgeous shield made (paid the guild 2k for it) and then had a couple of the blue PVP items made to just get me enough of a score  to run heroics.

In short, I am kicking butt now.  My level is already up at 333 (might be more actually) and I am hoping to run some more heroics today if the guilds trust me enough.  I am not out of tanking practice per se, but my gear definitely holds me back a little as the healers have a tough time keeping me up, my AOE tanking is not all that effective with fully geared level 85’s – but I am only losing mobs every now and again.

I have missed playing my pally – I think they are my second fav class and I still deciding if I want to change my main to her so I can tank for the guild – but I need more time to decide and to get settled into a pally tanking role.   I have to look up some stats today and find out what I need to be aiming for with gear.

I know the hit cap is 8% and then dodge and parry need to be roughly equal and then Mastery is the most important stat to stack, followed by stam.  But I want to confirm expertise and crit.

So I have neglected you because of this little girl!  YIPPEE!!!  Going to start on my warrior now 🙂

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  1. Tip one. (Which I have noticed from the start) – Try to spread out your posts evenly. This will keep your content consistent and at the same time prevent a ‘burn out’. If you can’t help yourself from writing, just postpone the publishing date.

    Congrats on 85! Woot was added to the dictionary? WHat’s next ROFLAMAOHAX?! XD

    Enjoy the way of the holy light,

    – Jamin

    (P.S. I really like the text font for your character names)

    1. I can’t handle waiting for posts to be published…lol..I am impatient…pathetic I know! I shall try to start doing that though so I also don’t spam people with emails 🙂

      Yes Woot…and they had others like “tweet” as well….I just found it exciting that I no longer am speaking incorrect english when i type it.

      I was testing our font mods and found that font and thought it looked awesome for a high magic game. I will look up the name of it and let you know so you can have it as well 😀
      “Vinque” is the name of the font – I am using Fonter – and I honestly cannot remember if it came with that font or if it is one of my libraries…. But at least you have a place to start.

  2. Well done on 85! That’s excellent. I should really focus on doing that. My husband got his warrior to 85 this evening & he was over the moon. Nice gearfest with your guild too- that’s really nice of them!

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