Kicking it old Skool

Due to the changes coming up in 4.3 that have been all over the place, I decided I had to go back to MC for some good ole Arcanist regalia…So me and a guildie trundled off to do some killing 😀 Pally healer and mage = awesome combo 😀

We started off with MC, we both got a few pieces of gear and a fair few BOE’s which we stuck in the guild bank should others want to start their own collection. We then headed to BWL, added my hubby to the mix (kick arse Shadow priest) because we would not have made it past razorgore with only 2 people – I finally killed Nef….when my guild was working on him back in vanilla days…I always seemed to miss out on the nights they actually got to him, so five years later :

Then we decided we couldn’t stop there, so we headed to SSC for some killing. My hubby wants the tier set out of that instance. He also got to fish up Lurker for the first time. Our guild was working on Vash’j just as we stopped raiding for Wrath, so again I missed out on the end boss in here, so five years late :

We managed to score another couple of guilds in there as the 3 of us could not do Fathom Lord – he was just kicking our buts, so by the time we got to Vash’j we decided we needed another couple of DPS to help with add control – so got a tank and healer/DPS. It was awesome fun and I really wish we had done it whilst it was worth doing 😀

After that, we then headed to Gruul’s…the pally I was running with had not been to many old instances and so was having a great time, and gruuls was no exception, we walked in and out in under 10 minutes I think.

At this point, I decided I needed food, we had been in raids for the last 5 hours and I needed a break. When we got back from lunch – we all decided to head into Mount Hyjal. My guild at the time managed to down the second boss but we were struggling with the waves in the horde camp so that we never really made it to the third boss. I never saw the end of Hyjal and my rep was stuck at midway through revered ever of my pet peeves!

We cleared the place out, wiped 3 times on the last boss, but it was well worth it. Everyone has decided never to go back as it was a very tedious raid…and I really was amazed at how annoying it could be if you outrank a raid like that….I remember it being havoc when we were starting in there…but in the end :

So not only did I get another rep to exalted!!! WOOOOOT!!! I have now completed all instances except Sunwell…the last one I need. I have been about halfway through but most pugs seem to disintegrate after the first few bosses because people “need to go”. We plan on going back to do Mag’s and TK for my pally friend, and I am going to bug him for some BT (rep) and Sunwell runs 🙂

The few people in the guild who are excited about the transmogrification thing are wanting to do a weekly raid thing for the old content to get all the sets, but we shall have to see how that fairs 🙂 You can take a 2/3 man group in for most of it and so it might be better to set up small groups with everyone going in separate instances…means more loot really?

On another side note, all those instances, made me about 1400g and my repairs were only about 50g in total….I was rather impressed with that amount of gold…and I trashed a lot of stuff because I kept running out of bag space, but if you kept it all and vendored it….wow!

So…such an eventful day!! I feel like I have been very productive.

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  1. Now, I am actually glad that the bosses are killing you and proving to be a slight challenge. Seems there’s still some fun to be had in the slightly older Instances XD (Gives the old bosses some dignity right?)

    Also, it’s nice to see where raiding started isn’t it. I start imagining 40 players all crammed into MC!

    Post up some Screenshots of your gear once you have acquired it 🙂

    – Jamin

    1. I do miss 40 mans and I do mention them often, I really believe it was a very different style of raiding back then and it is a shame we lost that because I think raiding now is making people soft 🙂

      You had potentially 8/9 other people in the same class vying for spots- you had to take it in turns and you had to prove you deserved that spot….ahhh the memories….but hey times change!

      We were making comment about the mechanics in the old fights still required you to know what was going to happen…MC was just a faceroll, but SSC, the bosses put you in water bubbles, turn into demons and do spouts etc which can be dangerous 🙂

      I want to back in there again….poo to weekly resets!!! Hehe

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