Throne of the four winds

For some reason this raid always makes me think of people farting…gross I know! But it does always manage to put a smile on my face -especially when the boss is doing the wind gust…..I shall say no more 🙂

The guild has been wiping on him for a little while now and give him few attempts every week….well no longer 🙂 they killed him! We spent all night wiping and getting him to about 6% by which time it was just the tank up!

By the end of it I was burning everything I had in phase 1 and dying every single time in phase three about 2 seconds after popping time warp….argh!!!!!!

The guild got their title and mounts, a few of us need to head back in for a few bosses before we can get them…..hopefully they will help us a achieve that!

Congratulations to us though, 2 kills in one week – firelands is now closer 🙂

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