Paladin and druid levelling

I transferred my pally to AT again, and have spent today levelling her, she is almost 83…probably Wednesday night.  I would have been there tonight however I was needed for raiding and lost myself a couple of hours 😀

I have enjoyed playing her immensely, I had forgotten how much to be honest.  I am levelling her as prot as I figure that will give me the best experience and also the chance to get some tanking gear as I go.  They have changed pallies so much since I last played and I am trying to learn the class all over again – it is fun though and adds some interest to the class for me.

My druid is also making progress, she is 23 and I am having fun going through all the new quests in the area.  It makes questing so much easier when you haven’t done them before but know the areas well enough that you can move around pretty quickly.

So pally should be 85 by the ed of the week and hopefully will throw some tanking practice in there, the following week.  I am so excited at the idea of tanking again.

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  1. Good to see someone else enjoys the thrill of leveling a new character, especially within the new expansion!

    Never played a Paladin or Druid before, some maybe some insight into those would help you along 🙂

    – Jamin

    1. I have always wanted a boomkin, but have never managed to so it, so with new quests and areas I figured it might be easier 🙂

      And who doesn’t want to be a kitty???

  2. I agree with you about enjoying the new areas. It’s great they’ve refreshed the game in this way. My new Paladin tank Sparci is 39 now though & is missing out on the wider world as I’m keeping her in dungeons (that does not sound good!). I have another Paladin at 82, almost 83, who is ret & I know I should finish levelling her to 85. However, I’m relatively new to the dungeon world & can’t imagine going in Cataclysm dungeons with her so it would have to be by more questing.

    1. 2 pallies?!? Awesome 🙂 Do you find it frustrating keeping them in dungeons? I was doing that with my priest and got told my dps was too low….that’s depressing 🙂 but I do wonder if it is faster or longer to do…

      I know a lot of people were not happy with blizzard when they announced they would redo the vanilla content, but I think they did an excellent job, I certainly want to go back and finish my mid level toons!

  3. I love the dungeons because when I first started playing WoW I never used them so it’s all still a novelty to me! I am fearful always that my dps is too low when I go in as my affliction warlock. On a never endng quest for an addon that will help me with my rotation. I too think they did an excellent job redesigning vanilla – it really has livened up some areas. But I always feel a little teary when I see Menethil Harbour. Spent many a happy Sat morning in the Wetlands 🙂

    1. Don’t stress about your DPS in runs, just have some fun! If they are mean then nothing you can do will change their bad attitudes, just go with the flow. The only mod I know of that may help is called DOT timers…but I am sure you have that one already – if not check it out….

      I still haven’t really had a chance to see all the changes yet, I need to level a human toon once I finish (continue) my druid as I am seeing the changes on kalimdor – which are amazing, but I have had a few moments, like you, when you see things changed and you remember all the things you used to do there….

      To many memories!!

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