Karma is my god….

I probably shouldn’t be so cruel, but really, it does give me a little thrill!  Last night our guild was going back to BWD to get Nefarion, they didn’t kill him in the end – got close at about 15% I think- well done!!

However I didn’t raid last night – here is the story.  11 people were online, so one of us would have had to sit out.  If you remember my earlier post about someone being sat out – I decided I was probably a little too tired to be bothered raiding anyway and I just couldn’t be bothered with any more drama, so I whispered the GM/RL and advised if they had to sit anyone out I was ok with it being me.

Unbeknowst to me in our chat channel – two people were complaining about having to miss out – they had been looking forward to raiding and blah blah blah -generally making a fuss about the possibility (POSSIBILITY!!) of being sat out….My hubby passed the information to me and I was having a little laugh knowing full well I was already going to be the one who missed out.

The RL eventually whispered me and said he would take me up on the offer because people were  complaining before anything had even been said about the raid even being formed.

I jumped onto my druid and quested whilst they wiped on Nef.  Hubby then scared the curls out of my hair by laughing at something…..The 2 people complaining about missing out on the raid….were complaining they couldn’t kite the mobs….and that we should have….in the raid with them….. A MAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well really???  According to my husband someone then mentioned that I had re-specced to frost on my dual spec especially to kite the mobs on this fight and had they not complained initially only one of them would have had to deal with a wipefest…..oh my…I got the giggles about that!!!

The guild may or may not have had Nef down last night – we will never know…but I am always going to have a laugh that they took in 3 DK’s to a fight and of the two DPS DK’s, not one of them could kite the mobs…..and were wishing they had the one class that had to sit out because they wanted to act like children….ahhhh Karma….You are awesome!

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