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How I have missed my shared topics 🙂  It is good to be back in the saddle so to speak .

This weeks topic is an intriguing one about whether or not we should ask for bigger bank/bags based on the amount of soulbound items people like to keep – some people are running out of space pretty quickly.

For me, not so much an issue.  After the burning crusade came out, I tried to keep all my MC gear – for memories and such, but i got so sick of having an entire bank filled that once Wrath hit, I decided i would never again horde (no pun intended) that much stuff.

I sell everything I can and destroy the rest apart from a couple of things – like the Onyxia medallion, ZF hammer, the staff for Mara etc, things you can no longer get, but were part of my levelling and the start of my addiction.  I have also kept about a couple of weapons – The Elemental Mage Staff – was one of my first ever epic items, the Naz Mindblide from Kara – I love the look of it 🙂  I am sure I have a few other pieces in my bank, but they are mainly important moments in my wow life that I just can’t seem to let go of.

Of course being an achievement junkie, I have too many pieces of clothing from events and things which I just don’t want to get rid of because they do come around every year and are always useful. It would be cool to have a wardrobe feature or something for those, that you can sort of fill out as you get them.

I think in MMO’s particularly where the bar is constantly being raised, people should learn to let go.  You will end up having banks and bags full of gear that is really pointless – especially now with achievements – people can see what you have done and where you have been. I am not saying get rid of everything, keep bits that you really like or are attached to, but they are just dead pieces taking up room.  I have been playing since MC and I can tell you now if I kept every set and epic piece of gear I would need at least 4 banks with all slots full to the brim…it seems pointless after a while.

I remember the agony and horror when I sold my MC gear, but I felt pretty good afterwards about having the bank space 🙂  All those pieces have been and will be replaced multiple times and I just don’t see the logic in keeping almost all of it to look back on.  My memories of the gear are now more about the guild I was with and the fund I had getting them – they are what is important to me now.  Take piccies of the gear and store them that way 😀 But let the pixels rest!



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  1. I agree…kindof. I do have bank bags full of collections but not much of it is tier gear. I do have a set of tier 1 but that is it. I like the trinkets that do something, I have bags and bags full of them. I sold all the tabards I can buy again but kept the ones I cant. After 6 years I’ve collect things I just cannot get again. That is the stuff that is hard to delete.

  2. Seems I’m a ‘Horder’, at least to an extent. Keeping all the level 60 Grand Marshall gear and then anything up until now that I’ve found useful. Though I haven’t had a problem with running out of space yet, so.

    Also, a wardrobe feature as such would be really cool 🙂

    – Jamin

  3. I actually am very good about clearing out come expansion time, but until then… oh my! I especially love collecting trinkets, and have a very hard time letting any of them go.

    1. Hehe there are some great trinkets in the game….I have quite a few fun ones – that summon things mainly – a healing furbolg; how could I say no to that? Hehe

  4. I have a couple things from old tiers, but nothing that I got at the actual time it was current tier. However, I do keep all my old stuff like beer steins from Brewfest, the items for the various holiday achievements, etc.

    Back before we had pets and mounts in a tab, I would have at least 2 bags full of pets and mounts on me at all times.

    1. Wow! I had become so used to having a pet/mount tab I forgot the pain of collecting prior….Thanks for that reminder of choosing my pets over everything else! eheheh

  5. Hi dragonray,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this shared topic this week hon, I apologized for late response for I had been obviously been really busy at work and getting my stuff done after my move from different state.

    Anyway, just thought to drop by I appreciate your response! and it was a good read too. Take care! =)

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