Day 5: Favourite item in game

Helps if I publich these posts after typing them up instead of just leaving them pending – sorry for spamming with updates 🙂

My favourite item in game took me a while to come up with, because I have so many items I love – I am a collector after all!

My hyacinth macaw comes in first though.

It took me about 3 hours of solid farming on those damn boats in Booty bay, but I screamed like a crazy woman with cats!

Of course the choices were my elemental mage staff, captured firefly, Seeker Title (is that an item?) or my furbolg trinket which summons a healing dude.

Of course the frost wyrm you get when you kill the lich king would be a dream come true and would be the item I don’t have that is my favourite….anyone wanna help me get it??  heheh

2 Replies to “Day 5: Favourite item in game”

  1. My fav item is the old Hand of Rag legendary I finally got a month or so ago, after farming it for the better part of four years. The horseman’s mount is also very cool, and is my mount of choice.

    1. You know I have never seen the Horseman’s Mount even drop….I am so very jealous 🙂 and yes I can understand how the Hand of Rag would be a favourite item..a legendary that I had spent 4 years getting would be a pretty important to me as well! Congratulations on it by the way!

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