Day 4: best wow memory

My best wow memory; I am not sure I have only one, I have so many wonderful memories and I really can’t pick my best. I am going to list a few of my favorite memories!

1: when I was a very young Mage wearing agility and strength gear with intellect and spirit, a lovely fellow guildy pulled me to the AH and bought me a complete outfit and taught me about gear, stats and what it all meant in the greater scheme of things 🙂 thanks A!

2: a Mage called sienna bought me my first mount. He was an awesome Mage and he taught me (attempted) how to pvp. We used to duel out the front of ironforge and he showed me the importance of rotations and talent trees!

3: the first time I ever stepped foot into a raid environment was 40 man MC and I was amazed by the size of the cavern and the monsters, I was hooked that first time, I loved it and everything that raiding entailed.

4: having the confidence to start my own guild and then motivating people to succeed….

I am sure there are more but honestly they are the four that really stick out as favorite memories. The game has changed so much since then, but there are always memories being developed 🙂

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    1. Lol nice!! I guess the point is we have learnt how to improve…right?

      Luckily there is so much information out there now, you really can have a great understanding before even logging in.

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