Day 2 : Why did you start a blog?

To fully answer this I need to I guess start at the beginning.  I started blogging in 2003 on Livejournal, my friend got me onto it.  I was always one to continually be starting hand written journals but i just never really found the time to keep going with it.  So I would always stop.

The same is true of my blogs, I hve periods where life just gets in the way and I blog less, either way I found it a great way to remember all the things that have come before. Lessons in history maybe?

What I discovered was there were hundreds/thousands/MILLIONS of blogs on almost every topic I could think of being interested in and I decided to join in on that.

I currently have 4 blogs that I update regularly – personal, exercise, pagan and WoW.  I also used to have a baking blog but am in the process of incorporating that into my exercise blog.  Just as in real life you make friends that don’t share the same interests as all your other friends – and that is how I see my blogging, I have different areas of my life that I want to share with friends and people without having to bore them with all the other irrelevant things 😀  Most of my friends are not WoW players and I was spending so much time talking about WoW on my personal blog that I decided it needed its own space 😀

I would like to use my blogging as a networking tool – however I don’t really do much to increase my reader base to meet those potential friends 😀 I like the idea of people reading my thoughts and ideas and commenting etc, but in the same breathe I know I am boring and not a very good writer – so why would people stay once they have read a few of my posts…it is an interesting position, but I am happy to be in it.

So to sum up, I started blogging to meet people, network and share knowledge and information – this has developed into a full blown obsession 😀 hehehe

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