Who’s an addict…I’m an addict!!

Stand up and be counted I say!

Yes, I think I am once again sucked into Azeroth and its beautiful scenery and mounts and pets and elves and my magical glowy hands!!!!

I have been playing a fair bit since we took up the trial and honestly I have scored so many achievements in the last 3 days alone it would be too much in one post (and probably even for several posts).

Hubby and I have been chain running normal instances since we started a week ago, on Friday night, we finally decided to start running heroics.  We have both managed to buy tier 11 pieces now and also some other bits and our gear scores are currently 343…I think I may actually be 342..either way we are almost able to do the Zandalari instances, which means more runs made accesible.

We have just been levelling our professions and chilling out.  No pressure to perform a certain level or even be online at a certain time has been really nice.

I am not really sure if we will be raiding again yet, we are still just finding our feet. However I do know that all the acgievements have sucked me back in and I am enjoying collecting and finding and doing things again 🙂

We are both sitting on anywhere between 9-12k dps in heroic runs, obviously very dependant on the fights we are doing at the time, but I don’t think that is too bad given we are not by any means trying to be the best we can, and certainly don’t have awesome gear – I still have a couple of greens which are better than some of the blues I had previously.

I think I have settled into the guild a little more, however I am a little weirded out by the fact they don’t seem to chat in g chat very much – it is like pulling teeth trying to start a conversation….I much prefer people that are willing to chatter and talk to each other…does that not build a stronger bond?  Do you even need a stronger bond? No idea…just a thought….

I may post tonight with some of the achievements I have gotten over the weekend, but wow there have been so many!


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