Oh how your siren song pulls me back in!

So I am home sick with a bug and what do you think I spent the entire day doing? Aside from a lunch and dinner break….yeah you guessed it..I was sucked in my quests and achievements and the siren song (which is funny as I did a quest about a siren song yesterday).

It was a massive day and I got so many achievements and saw many cool things. I am going to be splitting this post into 2 for ease 😀

So today…

Playing as a Naga = Awesome!This was a fun achievement simply because you run around as a naga, they have lovely movement, one of this achievements you get in the process of doing all the quests in an area.

Loremaster continued!Seeing as how I have the Loremaster title I figured I had to do the continuation of it under Cataclysm…had to continue my obsession.  Of course the easiest way is to just make sure you get the achievement for the entire zone whilst you are there.  Thanks to hubby for pushing me to get them 🙂

Can't do Loremaster without Explorer right?SO yes, I then had to finish the explorer one as well 😀  Again easy if you make sure you get the achievements as you go along.

The culmination of all the questing on a seahorse with this last achievement.  Sadly, I discovered last night after I changed factions back to alliance, I have to do all (some?) of these quests again…it’s a little too soon for my liking, but we’ll see how i go.

So after all that questing in Vash, I looked through my achievement list and tried to figure out what to do next, and I noticed this was half done, I only needed three more…I remember trying to get this originally when I was in the area, however there was simply too many people.  I am glad I finally got it completed! I had it very lucky as no one was in the area and all the mobs were up.  Great Timing!

So I trundled off to do the dailies on the molten front – and noticed this achievement, which seemed easy enough to do, took me about 10 – 15 minutes just flying around the area with the following macro before I had all the names and voila – achievement 😀  I just flew over the main area of the roost and spammed the button, very easy achievement to get.

I found this macro on wowhead.com in the comments section, it certainly did the job, although it needs a stop target function in there and I am hopeless with macros – so if you can improve it – go nuts! :

/tar linken
/tar chromie
/tar thassarian
/tar nat pagle
/tar mankrik
/tar hemet nesingwary
/stopmacro [noexists]








We then had a friend offer to run us through an instance and off we went.  This was obviously my first time, although I remember the bosses I am almost certain we didn’t finish the last boss as people kept dropping.  This was also my first guild challenge, and I got paid for it all when I handed in the quest 😀   I am hoping to get some more runs completed in the next few weeks as I really want to improve my gear!

One profession down - Alchemy!

So after a very long day, decided to just spend some time in IF levelling my professions, the amount of gold I have earn since questing has been amazing…so I decided to burn though a couple of thousand and see what I could get done.  I maxed my alchemy!!  Which I have to say was so much easier this time round than in Wrath.  I am so excited to have this achievement, it means I am closing in on getting things sorted out.

My tailoring is at 480 I think, but I ran out of cloth, so will just wait until I have re-stocked more cloth, also found out you can hand in bolts for recipes…might have to have a further look into what recipes are actually available, I think it is an awesome idea as at the end of wrath I had so many stacks of cloth it was an entire guild bank tab full on my banker…not including on other toons and in my own character bags/bank…

Which reminds me I need to see if I still have a banker on this server.

Yes I moved back to AT, to my old guild, most of the people are the same, but there will be no pressure to raid or do things I don’t want to do.  It is nice to be with people I know and have been with for a long time.  They are a level 25 guild – I don’t know what the relevance is yet, however that means a fair few guild perks and benefits.  From a purely selfish level – PETS!!!!  hehehehe  I have changed to a worsen, my mage has been every other class so I figured I would try it out as well. I made her human form to be exactly like my first first incarnation of her and changed her name once again 🙂  I will update a picture of her shortly.

Some of the people in the guild have over 4 level 85’s – one even has 9!!!  I have trouble imagining doing that, but I will start levelling my pally soon, once i decide what server/faction she will be on…..then there is my warrior and my shammy to think about….but I am leaving that for another day – we still have to decide if we are even going to continue playing long term again.

Hubby and I have been added to the casual raider rank, but I would imagine it being more about – if they are short – we are not yet interested in raiding considering how far behind we are in gear.

What a post this has been!!  So much got done today!

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