All the fun and humour…

Sometimes clicking the portal helps

This picture is just some of the fun I had whilst questing today…I was checking out the molten front and doing some quests when i jumped through the portal and didn’t think I needed to click….yeah, kind of ran straight off the edge of the cliff and was free falling for a very long time 😀  I had to giggle at myself for seriously missing the cog entirely…

I loved these fish, i was gobbled up a few times during my questing and the first time it happened I cackled with laughter….I thought I would be a smarty pants and grab a whole bunch and AOE them down…..FAIL MAGE!!!  They just kept chewing on me, spitting me out and passing me round…I was dead after the 3rd fish got me…I did not do that again, however I did get too close a couple of time and as you can see my skirt just behind his tongue, you can guess what happened….Still makes me smile.

I saw this guy on the sea floor and went to have a chat to him, at this point I was horde and didn’t realise he was actually part of an alliance quest however he has a very lovely chat with you, about being frustrated that he can’t let go of the shell because he has a floating issue and that he is getting annoyed with fish nibbling on his toes….does he say that stuff if you alliance as well? Quite a cute thing to find.

Never trust a goblin

The video cut scene with the merciless head is very funny, I had to take a few shots of some of the things being said…I am still quite impressed with so many of the small things in the game which make it just that little bit more enjoyable 😀

I was so impressed with Neputlon, I took heaps of different screenshots, however I was just a little disappointed that he squashed with a teeny weeny little Kraaken…he was massive he could have just pulled it off his face 🙂  Still an amazing sight…almost as awesome as the first time I saw the original Ragnaros in MC for the first time….

I am really enjoying the game.

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