Guess who is back indefinitely…..??

Yup, pulled out the windows machine, re-installed Windows and then downloaded 10GB of WoW.

I jumped into the game and felt completely overwhelmed with the new things.  I basically made it to 85 then stopped playing, so I haven’t really gotten used to all the new things and certainly not the new designs of Org.  Hubby logged in and moved his toon back alliance and then to another server as well.  I am going to wait and see if our time lasts before we get bored again and take another break.

After about 2 hours playing, and generally just questing and opening up the new molten front area, I managed to get three new pets and a couple of achievements.  This kicked my OCD in and now I have so many achievements I need to get….oh, yes, that’s excitement you can hear!!!

So here are my new pets :


Nuts was a reward for the pets achievement of collecting 100, he was in my mailbox when I logged into the game.


Quest reward for STV, fun quest actually…still not sure what the boots had to do with it….

Pretty Birdy

My Kaliri for another achievement of increasing companions…which was gained after the 2 pets above were added to my book.  Great timing I think 😀

The other achievement I got was for the quest completion in the twighlight highlands, I discovered I only needed 5 more quests so that was an easy achievement to get 🙂

All in all, I think that was a pretty eventful return into Azeroth.

I have not really been paying attention to the world chatter so have no idea what the people are like and i don’t really want to know to be honest.  I am just going to see where this takes me and enjoy my time playing.  I am not able to commit to raiding as yet, and I am not even sure how much time I will have to even play, but I will update when and if I can and I will keep chasing achievements 😀

Now to start reading about the changes and seeing where I need to head…..get ready for information overload.

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