MIA and time to catch up!

Yeah I was missing in action 😀

Happy New years and all that jazz!!!  I hope everyone had a great night?  Tell me stories!!  heehh

Mine was a very quiet night, the weather was too hot to permit much drinking, so we just chilled out and leveled worgens 🙂  Yes our new years tradition is LANning at a friends place and playing WoW/Drinking/Chatting 😀  It has become a tradition of sorts and we always have fun 😀  We missed out on the fireworks in a major city though  🙁

I have been popping into game every few days and doing bits and pieces, I am only 30% off hitting level 85, so I am slowly getting there.  I have had a recent spat of achievements though and that is pretty exciting 🙂

So for all the details 😀

I finally got my Merrymaker achievement!!  I dreaded this one as it involves PVP – is it no wonder the last Meta achievement I need is the children’s week one for my pink drake?  Too many PVP things in that achievement!  But I scored some other achievements whilst in the PV run which was kind of cool 😀



I also got a fair few achievements for questing in Uldum, just completing the bits I needed 😀  But the more achievements I get the happier I am!!

But the BEST achievement in ULDUM was this one!!!

The sky turned orange and I happened to just be in the right place, I looked directly above me and there was Deathwing!!!  I was so excited I flew straight at him and died instantly 🙂  It was my fun for the day, fires all over the ground and people in general chat having a freak out.  It was so cool!

I left Uldum and headed for Twilight Highlands and found some people doing the ring/circle/fight thing, so joined in and it was a little hard, we wiped about 5 times on the second last boss – he was nasty.  But perseverance and patience pay off in the end!!!

So before I started quested I figured I would explore everywhere first to get the achievement and find out where all the quests are…turns out…you have to start from Azshara…yeah…I didn’t know that 🙂  So I had to do some pre quests in Org to get to Twilight Highlands on the Zeppelin 🙂  hehehe  DUH!  Pays to complete quests you are given when in Org!

I am going to log back in now and get my last 30% then I can start leveling my warrior and my professions!!  I am sooooo close!!

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