Shared Topic: Pet Peeves

What is your biggest pet peeve? What is the one thing you just can’t tolerate in game. Is it the loudmouth in trade, the guy who keeps god-modding when trying to RP with you, the gold farmers, the….

Oh my, the list could go on. Tell us your biggest pet peeve, or make a list, or maybe tell us about the quirkiest thing that irks you.

Or, maybe if you are a roleplayer, you could do this one in character and explain what your character’s biggest pet peeve is in general. Could it be how uncomfortable the griffon saddle is, or how bland Night Elf food is, or the exorbitant price of buying anything from a goblin?

I’m leaving this one wide open. Feel free to run wild with it in whatever direction you like. I’m looking forward to hearing what we’re all grumpy about (as if we don’t write about this enough). :D

This is a very dangerous topic, it could run rampant like a wildfire through Victoria’s bushlands.
I am just going to do a little list and see what comes of it- I might explain little details or examples, but I am sure they are likely to be self explantory 😀
  1. People not reading the quest text and asking in general trade something quite obvious.  I am not meaning discussions about possible bugs or issues etc, I mean the quest says “Speak to Bob in front of the sandwich shop in the mage quarter of SW” and in general you get asked “How do I do this quest?”, “Where is Bob?”, “I couldn’t find the mage quarter” etc.
  2. People not reading the quest text and then not even looking at the map for the ingame quest help OR the mini map for the little arrow indicator and then still asking in general. Seriously – there is IN GAME QUEST HELP now….turn it on and use it!!!  This in game help would be pretty accurate considering Blizzard develop and make it….they don’t need to approximate where there mob will be…..
  3. Standing/being mounted on a massive on an NPC – just don’t do it!!!
  4. Abusing people in dungeons about their lack of skill – not everyone is in Paragon or Exorsus and has cleared all the content!
  5. Gearscore – I hate GS like I hate murlocs.  GS proves NOTHING other than you can run a lot of heroics and get geared, or that you haven’t had time to get the gear but says nothing about you being able to actually play.
  6. Having to link achievements to get into runs – WHY???  Why am I not able to get into a run if I have never done it, talk about perpetuating the cycle much???? Does it prove that I know the fight or that I was carried through – aside from MAYBE lich king which was a damn hard fight, you could have been dead on every single fight and got the achievement.
  7. Spamming recount to prove how bad someone has done in a heroic….

IN all honesty I think that is all I can come up with 😀  What I find disturbing about the above list is that every single point has to do with the poeple playing the game and not the actual game itself.  I don’t mind the grind to level, the questing, the dailies, the constant running of heroics to get my rep up, that’s all part of the game I enjoy.

So to sum up, I am thinking my biggest pet peeve – is people…..

Slightly depressing thought really…LOL

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