What a day for adventure :D

I have fially finished work and I am at home sick 🙁 So I decided to jump online this morning and farm for some of the new pets that have come out and what a day 🙂

I started with the sunflower – plants vs zombie style 🙂 I have closed up far too much PvZ time so figured it would be easy….well it wasn’t easy, but it certainly wasn’t hard 🙂 intense is probably more the right word!

Then I went and farmed for my Mr grubbs, so cool, you have to do a quest first to get the buff to be able to find the hudden stash bags.  Only took me about 30 minutes and voila!!

He is pretty awesome, he somersaults over head occasionally.   So here is abad picture of him jumping over me 😀

Then off to find Withers, I have to admit finding the cave was icky, with all the changes to Darkshore etc I had to climb everywhere to find it, but then I am an idiot when it comes to directions.   Kind of loks like the teldrassil sproutling thingie, but hey it’s another pet 🙂

Dropped past Org to so the croclosiks quest, which I do fairly often, I try to remember to go and check it out, but I have never gotten a pet out of it, until today.  I scored Snarly!!  Completely unexpected that drop 🙂

SO as if this wasn’t enough for me, I checked my bank balance and well yeah, I bought the two new pets from the store 🙂 ehehhe  So lil Rag can be used as a cooking fire as well apparently – have to test that out later I think 😀  And well the moonkin is just so gorgeous how could I say no 😀

So do you think I scored enough pets for the day :d hehehehe

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