Shared Topic: Home is where ur rump rests :D

With the advent of Cataclysm and its attendant pre-expansion patches, Azeroth is (as has been said thousands of times) undergoing a dramatic change. Over the last few weeks it’s got me thinking, and the result is a topic suggestion:

What does ‘home’ mean in your book? Do you have a particular home in Azeroth – a place you feel you belong, that you know like the back of your hand, or that you feel more comfortable in than anywhere else? Would this be different for different characters or different factions, or is there just a place that really resonates with you? Do you think Cataclysm will prompt you to find new and different turf, or will you be heading back there first thing to see what might have changed? If it is destroyed, how do you think that will affect your experience of the game, or your characters’ lives? Or do you think the whole idea of having a home doesn’t even really apply to a game?

And here’s mine, sneaking in just before the end of the week: … -desolace/

I have lef tthis topic to the last minute and have re-written it over 15 times.  I just can’t find one spot that i call home on any of my characters.  I think one of the pitfalls of having played this game since vanilla is that everywhere is home in my eyes.  I have done the Loremaster achievement and the exploration achievement, which also adds to my knowledge of the lands…
I can’t call affinity with one area anymore.  I have been through most places so much on so many toons.  SO what I am attempting to say, is that I feel at home in Azeorth.  I will be honest and say I am not a fan of Northrend, it has not given me the joy the other areas has, so I will be very glad to see the back end of it, killing the Lich Kind Aside of course 😀
I know this post is short and sweet, but I just couldn’t really pick one spot, I had to pick them all!!

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