Busy little beaver…sexy achievements and mounts :D

I got some more mount love…no it wasn’t he headless horseman – it was the green proto-drake from those damn eggs!!

YAY!!  I have no idea how many eggs I have cracked, but finally it paid off…now just deciding if I want to work up my frenxyheart rep and get the other achievements for that…..tis extra money as well…

Then started fluffing about today, being that it is a public holiday and scored a Feat of strength achievement for the rift killings….Let me tell you this was a sucky feat….You basically had to camp in one spot for an hour to get it….but in years to come perhaps I will be able to show off 🙂 heheh

2 Replies to “Busy little beaver…sexy achievements and mounts :D”

  1. Ahhh grats! I’ve been carying one of those damn eggs around with me forever but my cursed RNG has naturally ensured I get nothing but egg interior. This is no y(j)oke! Sorry.

    1. Yeah I can’t believe it finally happened, although I can’t complain as bitterly as you – I tend to get pets every time I crack it….so at least I can make a couple of gold off them 😀

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