FINALLY!!! Hallowed Event done :D

I have been running that silly horseman event every day and doing the trick or treat thing as often as possible to get my “hallowed helm”  it was the last thing I needed for my meta achievement for the hallowed events.

I am now only two yearly events off getting my drake…here’s hoping they leave it in for another year.

I have a few bits under the childrens’ week and some under winter veil to get completed.  Mainly all the PVP ones…which I hate…I really dislike that there are PVP requirments for the meta achievements.  I hate PVP, well no i don’t hate it…I suck more than you can imagine at pvp.  You know those matches where you head in and there is always one person you kill 800 times….it’s probably me 😀  I do them for fun and just to have a play – but to have to actually suceed in there is something I am not good at…..

I noticed the pilgrims bounty stuff is on next week, I missed out on it last year so will complete as many of them as I can…free pet for that as well 🙂  Can’t complain !!

Have also discovered the awesomeness which is champion seals…you get them now when you open the money bags from the exalted argent tournie quests, so that is bringing me much closer to obtainign all the things I need to obtain…I just have to keep battling at it….I will probably be doing them well into cataclysm as well….Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I get exalted with the sunreavers and start doing those quests as well which will bump up my stash…Sucks to change factions coz you lose all the rep with them 🙁  CRY!!

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